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interesting behavior

hey yall!
just wanted to share an interesting observation.
My tank contains among other fish 2 males A. red punkt and 3 females. The dominant male did first breed with its "favorite" female right in the middle of the tank. He/they have been defending very energetically their fry specially violantely against their own species. anyway, after 3 weeks i took the fry out and the other 2 females got their spawning colors right away. they didn't "flirt" with the other male but with the dominant one. The funny thing is that he did breed with both of them but it looks like he's kind of "hidding" that fact from its favorite female (does this remind you of the behavior of some male from another specie!! ;-) ) Thus the tank bottom is divided in 3 parts with the 3 females and the male keeps busy in keeping each female from seeing the other! Thus he did only actively defend the fry with its favorite female. The 2 others and their fry are on their own.
I just found that funny and interesting.
Also there are other fish in the tank that could easily eat the fry, i found strange that the male didn't stay monogam (ie more succesfull in such environment). I would have expect a polygam behavior in a specific tank.
anyway, here is my today's input.
take care
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