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Re: interesting behavior


What you describe is typical polygamous behavior.
You have a dominant male who controls the breeding
territories of all 3 females (who he "services"),
and a dominant female who controls the best
breeding territory in the center of the dominant
male's territory.

Mike Wise

Yvan Alleau wrote:

> hey yall!just wanted to share an interesting
> observation.My tank contains among other fish 2
> males A. red punkt and 3 females. The dominant
> male did first breed with its "favorite" female
> right in the middle of the tank. He/they have
> been defending very energetically their fry
> specially violantely against their own species.
> anyway, after 3 weeks i took the fry out and the
> other 2 females got their spawning colors right
> away. they didn't "flirt" with the other male
> but with the dominant one. The funny thing is
> that he did breed with both of them but it looks
> like he's kind of "hidding" that fact from its
> favorite female (does this remind you of the
> behavior of some male from another specie!! ;-)
> ) Thus the tank bottom is divided in 3 parts
> with the 3 females and the male keeps busy in
> keeping each female from seeing the other! Thus
> he did only actively defend the fry with its
> favorite female. The 2 others and their fry are
> on their own.I just found that funny and
> interesting.Also there are other fish in the
> tank that could easily eat the fry, i found
> strange that the male didn't stay monogam (ie
> more succesfull in such environment). I would
> have expect a polygam behavior in a specific
> tank.anyway, here is my today's input.take
> care                        FLI USA Yvan Alleau
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> !
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> everything, you're getting closer to the
> essential"

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