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Re: fish for sell

Hi all,
just an update.. if you remember..way back when.. I was looking for a male Mendezi and nobody had one! Well, sometimes satisfaction is closer than you think.. I was mentioning this to some members of my aquarium club and one gentlemen raised his head and said " OH.. it sounds like the ones I have..do they have a lyretail?.. I so, I have two wild males and no females"  - can everyone envision the SMILE in my face?? The male looks exactly like the picture on the Aqualog book pg. 51 bottom left.
The pair are in a 30 GL with a pair of Rams ( I had to give them a big tank because the male was too belligerent and chased her merciless in a 20 gl long.)
Well, this morning when feeding I found the female inside the cave ...sooo wish me luck.. More to come..hopefully...
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Sent: Sunday, May 06, 2001 7:39 PM
Subject: fish for sell

hi guys,
here is a few fish to sell:
A. trifasciata                            F1
A. cacatuoides "triple red"       
A. mcmasteri "red neck"          F1 
A. gephyra rio santarem           F1
A. viejita CF II                          F1
A. agassizi (wild CF)                F1
N. anomala                              F1 
Coming soon: A. borelli, A. willi, A. hongsloi, A. papagaio
All fish are sexable.
contact me off list for any detail you would like.
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