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missing fish :(

Hi everyone,
I'm afraid some of my fish may be dead, and I guess I'm asking for
reassurance or sympathy.  I had 3 female A. nijsseni in my 55 gallon tank
with a male and 12 black neons.  I haven't seen one of the females in 2 or 3
days.  The tank is heavily planted and has several caves and some rockwork.
Can I hope that the little girl is still alive?
I have a similar situation in my 40 gallon tank, except that it is 2 female
A. trifasciata that are missing.  I haven't seen them even when I was trying
to net a few cories out of that tank and had everything stirred up.  If they
are still there, can anyone recommend a way to encourage them to show
If they are dead, is there anyone within a reasonable drive of Durham, NC
who has some female trifasciata they're willing to sell?

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