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Fry and female management plan !!!"

hi all!
here is an update about the A. rot punkt polygamous behavior.
Finally the situation becomes more and more complictaed for that poor male in charge of 3 famillies in the same time!
On the right of the tank is a female with wrigglers that will be swimming tomorrow normally (who knows!). In the middle, the favorite female which spawned yesterday. In the left corner a female with fry.
The male has a pretty busy schedule visiting all those females and defending the territory which now is...the whole tank!. Nevertheless it looks like it is paying more attention for the female whose fry is at a more advanced stage (ie swimming in that case).
Since the preferred female is very insistent to have him around her, i think he might give up soon protecting the 2 other females.
Just an update as well concerning the fish for sell list:

A. trifasciata                            F1
A. cacatuoides "triple red"      
A. mcmasteri "red neck"          F1 
A. viejita CF II                          F1
A. agassizi (wild CF)                F1
N. anomala                              F1 

Coming soon: A. borelli, A. willi, A. hongsloi, A.papagaio and Rot punkt

take care
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