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Re: Amazonian Fishes web site

Absolutely awesome site!  This is a site that I wish I'd put up.  When it is complete, it will be near the top of my gotta-visit list.  Let me moderate the sugary flattery by expressing my mild discomfort with the commercial bent of the author...sure there are pop-up ads on my site but I didn't put them there - yahoo did.
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Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 4:33 AM
Subject: Amazonian Fishes web site

Apologies for any cross posting.
You may be interested to know that there is a new web site dealing with the
ecology of Amazonian fishes.
This includes some details of fish found in leaf litter and in floating
meadows, and so unsurprisingly there are some pics of Apistos!
Please take a look at the site and give your comments, it is a huge
undertaking and there is still plenty of work to do.
As yet the Apistos are unidentified, so that should get everyone thinking!
They are field pics so the fish aren't exactly displaying for the camera(!),
but please take a look anyway and enjoy.
> http://www.amazonian-fish.co.uk/
I'm not connected with this site in any way other than I throughly enjoyed a
lecture given by the author at the recent British Cichlid Assoc. Convention,
and he has kindly e-mailed me to give me the URL.