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Another new name ?

I was asked to post the following on the list from Scott,who can't post directly to the list:
"I can get some Apisto sp. Sanser locally for $5.95 but they look a little rough (I am guessing wild caught). I also
have never heard of them and have no idea if it is an
accurate name. They have blue gill plates, and a
yellow band (horizontal) at the top and the bottom of
their caudal fin. They change their coloration a lot
otherwise so it is hard to describe the body color. It
looks like maybe there is a spot on the caudal
peduncle (spelling?). My best guess is that there may
be two females in there but they both look pretty bad."
Any idea what these could be?
BTW check out the new resticulosa fry/juvenile pix in the TDA Galleria.


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