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At 14:52 2001-05-30 -0500, you wrote:
Interesting. So it's a hoax so the "offending" file should be deleted? I'm
in complete agreement here, Scott. Don't delete ANYTHING in your Windows or

OK, let get this straight; if it is a hoax there is no file. Unless it is a dummyfile, but a hoax is never a real virus, trojan horse or worm. And if it came with an email - how did it get into the win-systemmap unless you yourself put it there? My advice to any of you on the list; get a good antivirusprogram and you won't really have to worry about things like that. My advice is Norton 2001 v7.0 or AVG (which is freeware, just go to www.zdnet.com to download it).


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