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Re: AKZ meeting

Hi Charly,
I heard about the meeting in Datz but have no way of attending this meeting.I'm a German citizen and live in MD,USA for 13 years.There's a similar group like the ASG(Apistogramma Study Group) in Germany.I don't know of any mailing lists though.
Contact me of list if you like.


From: "charly.eon" <charly.eon@wanadoo.fr>
Reply-To: apisto@listbox.com
To: <apisto@listbox.com>
Subject: AKZ meeting
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 18:21:23 +0200


Does anyone have information about the AKZ meeting that should be held in Germany 14 to 16 th june.

Any german people on this mailing list ?

Does someone knows if one similar mailing list (dwarf cichlids or apisto) exists in Germany ?



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