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Oooh, I'm a'sufferin' from this apisto virus!


I've finally succeeded with my Apistogramma sp. cf pulchra! I currently have
a trio in a 20 gal high, along with a group of pencilfish. The tank is
planted with java fern and moss as well as a few plastic plants.

The female has laid eggs frequently in the past, but I've never had her get
any further. They've  always been eaten (I assume). I thought the water
might be too hard, so I've been doing straight R/O water changes. I haven't
tested the water recently, but previous to the last change the TDS was at 79
on my Hanna tester.

So this evening, I was showing a curious neighbour around the fish room
(people had seen the glow coming from the basement windows and had assumed
hydroponics op!) when I glanced in the pulchra tank -  and saw her escorting
approximately 12 fry around the java moss! I'm so excited!

However, this brings me to my question.

The fish were due for a water change tonight. But I'm a little hesitant due
to the new fry. Should I? This question extends to more than one tank. (My
A. hoingnei and A. sp. galaxy 3 'Marado' are also in the family way).

She's very protective, and most of the time I can't even see the fry. The
substrate is a blondish coloured sand, so they really don't stand out.

Comments please!

Dominic Stones
Richmond Hill, Ontario

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