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A.atahualpa, breeding and weird behaviour

The 'mystery Apisto' i bought have finally coloured up properly and are 
definately Apisto atahualpa.  They are more orange than the pictures on the 
Krib site but otherwise v. similar.  I think they have spawned - the female 
is incandescent yellow with black pectorals and seven black dots along the 
base of her dorsal, she is guarding a 'cave' - well more of a 'chimney' 
actually - a 9" tall plant pot with the hole enlarged. - The male is 
providing perimeter defence.

The reason i'm posting is that i saw the male gather frozen bloodworm from 
the middle of the tank and swim 18" to spit it into the cave containing the 
female.  He did this several times, so it wasn't just chew-spit feeding as 
some Apistos do - has anyone else observed this kind of behaviour between 
ADULT fish?

The comments on the Krib about atahualpa being aggressive are valid - it 
doen't help that the strongest response is to orange and yellow fish (i.e. 
all female Apistos).  I have 2m 3f as the only Apistos in a 42x17x17" 
'jungly' planted tank with Cardinals and they seem ok - in anything smaller 
sub-dominant fish were 'up behind the filter'

Alan W

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