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Re: How about the Apisto virus?

In a message dated 31/05/01 21:04:16 GMT Daylight Time, 
apistowise@bewellnet.com writes:(edited for brevity)

> My first dwarf cichlids were a pair of Apistogramma ramirezi. Yep, they were
> still apistos back then..... and were the > most beautiful Rams I have ever 
seen. I 
> haven't had Rams since then because I've > never found any that came close 
to >their color and hardiness.

The same goes for me, Rams in the early 80's were so much better than most of 
the stock you get now.  Having started on Rams and Aequidens curviceps I went 
through a big cichlid phase (Oscars, severums, angels etc) before realising 
that it was the natural family behaviour in (relatively) large tanks that I 
missed and started again with 'Aggies' and Rams.  That was in 1997 or so when 
(at least here in the UK) dwarf cichlids were starting to become popular 
again.  I've now kept and bred 18 spp of dwarf cichlids (except Apisto 
borelli, which I can't breed even after trying hard 3 times - I guess my 
water is too soft)

Alan W

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