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A perfect day.

Hi all ,
I'm back from a mini vacation and like to tell ya'll about my dream of a perfect day-weekend :
Playing in my favorite Golf Tournament(Member-Guest),shooting my best score in this event, 79, beating the entire field on my own ball.
The barkeep that mixes the best Margaritas in town is there to mix drinks afterwards.
Going home happy to find my two cacatuoides females with a huge batch of fry in the newly setup 20g long tank.All my attempts to breed these easy to breed Apistos failed before( The males always ate the fry the next day).
The wife finally graduating from College the next day:).The party afterwards was great-more Margaritas though,ouch:).
Reading all the great responses on the Apisto virus thread today.Thank you all.
Was it a dream? No it all happened:-).
I moved the cac. male out of the tank immediately after finding the females with fry in the tank.
Pictures of the fry are up in a new album on the TDA site.I'm planning on showing their development in this album ,stay tuned.

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