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Re: Fish stores in Buffalo/ Niagara area?

In a message dated 6/7/01 10:59:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time, yenoo@home.com

Afew weeks back, someone mentioned that there was a large apisto/ fish
store near the friendship bridge on the Buffalo (NY) side of the border.
Would anyone remeber the name of the place? Im planning on driving
down to Buffalo (from Toronto) sometime this weekend. So Id appreciate
it if anyone could tell me the names of any reputable sources of fish
phone numbers if you have them :) ). Web sites of stores in Buffalo
if they have one, would be appreciated too.  Thanks again!

A must-see is The Fish Place in North Tonowanda (Buffalo) NY.  Sorry - don't
know the address, phone, or website.  You will kick yourself if you don't
stop, though.

- Carl