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Hi all,
I started a new album today "Apistogramma fry development".I have two A.cacatuoides females with fry in a 20g long tank for almost a week now .I had to take the male out of the tanks to assure the survival of all fry.
I'll post photos daily the first week and later weekly to demonstrate their development from the first day of free swimming to young adulthood.
On a sidenote:I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I saw a tiny fry just slightly bigger than a BBS mingle with the 5 day old cacatuoides fry.I was really puzzled where this guy came from,since this is a newly set-up tank .I used plants out of my 75g tank for this set-up and think this could be either a Cardinal or Red Rummynose Tetra fry that got into the tank with the plants.I keep you posted about what it is if the fry survives.


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