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Re: The problem with apistos

I like to throw my two cents into this discussion as well.
I currently have a very aggressive trifasciata male (the one in the pictures in the TDA album) that treats his females like another male .
The pair is currently in a 10g planted tank species tank .He managed to kill the first female and is working on the second one.Here's what I'm doing to redirect his aggression to other fish:
I added some Pencilfish and a viejita juvenile male as dither fish.I also added more plants for hiding cover. If this won't work he will be moved to another tank and only put back into the species tank for spawning reasons.I don't want to loose another female.I had a psycho macmasteri male ones that killed all his females.He was so aggressive that I had to put him in his own tank.
It took me a while before I bought another fish out of the macmasteri group because of him.
I guess once in a while you get that one psycho.That's two for me in five years.All my other Apistogramma males were fantastic fathers. I kept most of them with mom and their fry without any problems.

I had a nijsseni female that killed her first potential mate. they were in a heavily planted 30 gallon. I got her another male and she promptly started beating the hell out of him. I put a clear divider in the tank and let them stare at each other for a week while the male got his confidence up. i took the divider out and they haven't fought since. happy happy joy joy!

Brian Ahmer

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