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Behavior observations.

I watched my female cacatuoides tending her fry yesterday and noted some strange behavior I've never seen before in Apisto moms with fry.
At first the tank they 're in is setup with a fine reef sand substrate.All my other tanks except my other Oakleave tank have gravel or flourite substrate that's probably the reason why I never saw this before:
The female drove her head couple times at high speed into the sand to create a hollow about half the size of a penny , 1/2" deep into the sand,near the spot where she is guarding her fry.
She did this many more times in the same spot to deepen the hole.When I added live BBS this morning I watched her getting a big mouthfull of BBS that collected in her hole.I wonder if she dug the whole to collect food in it or to hide her fry in emergency in there?
Any of you ever noticed a similar behavior? It's really neat to watch.
On another note:Her fry are now a week old and more pix were added to the fry development album at :
I added a shortcut to the album on the homepage.Click on featured album.

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