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Too many Apistos!

I overdid it at the PCCA Auction last weekend. A fellow Apisto fancier
was moving to the other coast and auctioned off his stock. I am now the
proud owner of:
   A. sp. panduro
   A. cacatuoides
   A. nijsseni
   A. gephyra
   A. hippolytae
   A. pertensis

I am short at least one tank and was wondering if it is possible to
keep any of these pairs together in the same tank (largest available
footprint is a 30g long). Are any of these fish likely to be more
forgiving of the others species than they are of their conspecifics? I
noticed that gephyra and pertensis are found together in nature. Would
that mean that they are more likely keep the peace? TIA.

PS: I am in awe of the A. panduro's colors - I had no idea!

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