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Tough Hongsloi

I was just peering through my 40 gal odds and ends tank - heavily
planted with plants in pots, bogwood and a tiny amount of sand to dust
the bottom - and I noticed that my A. hongsloi II were guarding fry!

What amazes me is what else is in the tank. There are approximately 10
adult hongsloi, 6 Taterundina ocellicauda, a breeding trio of Sturisoma
sp., and 3 3.5" clown loaches!

I hadn't been paying much attention to them. I generally feed the tank
well, do water changes with an RO/tap mix, and ignore it. I was really
using the tank to grow the honglsoi up. I was going to move them to try
and breed them, and use the tank to concentrate on rearing some of the
Sturisoma fry.

I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't notice sooner!