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water changes and bubbles.....

When I do a water change ...the tank seems to fill with tiny bubbles and
they cling to plants and sides of tanks..I put a nozzle on the end simular
to a watering can nozzle to try to difuse the water and no help.. reason I
am worried as I read somewhere that this can harm the fish as the bubbles
getting in there gills causing some type of an embilizem...It takes about an
hour or so for they bubbles to disapate...this just started since spring
time..never does it it the winter months...Is there any way to stop the
formatiom of these bubbles and also will these really hurt the fish..oh my
watersupply is well water..if that helps ....and I also see bubbles collect
on the inside of the  water hose that I fill tanks with...water paramaters
from tap...ph 6.6....3 dh...


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