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Re: water changes and bubbles.....

It is because the water is under high pressure in the system of the water supply, and under such a pressure the gases (nitrogen, oxigen, carbon-dioxid, and so on) are fully dissolved in the water. When the water flows out of the system (tapwater) the pressure suddenly drops at the outlet and the equilibrium between pressure, temperature and ammount of dissolved gases are upset. Then the tapwater becomes "overdissolved" in gases at a lower pressure, and starts to release the gasses, creating tiny bubbles, soon until the equilibrium builds up again, depending on the now lower pressure and the surrounding temperature.

The lower the pressure is and the higher the temperature is of the tapwater at the outlet, the more gasses are released.

I read somewhere that the overdissolved gases can cause diseases similar to the divers (tiny gas bubbles appear in the tails).

Zsolt Fazekas

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