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Re: Too many Apistos!

No. I have yet to see even closely related species courting or spawning
I am not overly concerned that A. gephyra/gibbiceps/pertensis will
As for separating species it isn't so difficult if you have both species
in the tank. I once found A. gephyra and A. paucisquamis mixed in a
tank and you could definitely tell them apart. Due to a limited amount
space I often raise Apisto-fry from different species together and have
had any problems with that at all. It is a lot easier to tell species
if you have bred them and watched the fry grow up to adults.


salS wrote:
> Aren't you afraid of hybridization?  I know that I (except for a few
> species) have a tough time telling the females apart. Even though I agree
> with you that it's very satisfying watching the different species interact
> with each other, I constantly fight the urge to do so because I don't want
> any interbreeding.
> Good luck
> sal

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