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Re: Hey Big John!

From: Mike Jacobs
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 10:59 PM

> I am not on the Labyrinth list sir!...

Neither did I mention names, although I can see where you'd draw the
inference. For that, I apologize.

> you sir should have been on the Apisto list 4 years ago
> when there were only 2-3 of us...

If you'll check the archives - particularly concerning Rams and Cockatoos -
you'll see that I was here long before the "Blue Goop" incident.

> ...most of the apisto people I know how to laugh and join
> in the fun...

Do most of the participants belong to as many mailing lists as I do? Are
their mailboxes filled to overflowing with the likes of Sal's and Big John's
travels? Do they have to clear out _scores_ of messages and hope they aren't
deleting or overlooking something relevant in the meantime?

Do people get PO'd at _them_ because they missed the one message in a
hundred that someone else is dying for a response to? Or do they get upset
at _me_ for having overlooked them?

> ...if you were you would have had a laugh at this...sorry
> folks!!!!!!

A "little" friendly banter is one thing. A constant stream of one-liners and
irrelevant BS are another...

And rules are meant to be guidelines. Yes, I "speed" - but the farther away
from the limit I get, the more conscious I become of my actions. It's sort
of a "self-limiting" feedback loop based on social "conventions" and
ingrained habits.

Others call it "self- discipline"...


It's bedtime now...enough of _this_ BS as well...

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