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Re: Hey Big John!

Um Lets see how many lists do i belong to, quite a few Mr. Youngker.   I
get at least 100 emails a day, a little humour is good for the soul, if
you have problems with , deal with it. I cant imagine being that rigid,
and my last comment .   Social Conventions??  I hope you dont mean
things like the ACA convention, the AKA convention, The OCA
Extravaganza, if it weren't for these "Social Conventions" lots of
knowledge would never be passed on.   I go to the AKA, ACA and often ALA
( livebearers ) conventions each year.    I come home with many new
species of fish each year from each of these conventions, too bad you
dont JOIN us "Social" People at these events!!!    Lastly , that
Labyrinth list was a Joke, probably still is.   There was NEVER any
decent discussion about anabantoids, which is my other great love
besides dwarf Cichlids.   I have a great wealth of experience i could
have shared with that group if anyone there had any life in them.   I
guess i was too Loose a personality for that list.
I have vast experience i do offer here on this list, thank god Some of
us here aren't so anal.


OH go ahead and flame away!!!

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