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RE: Great medication


I don't doubt the anti-bacterial properties of Melaleuca oil, but I'd be
very reluctant to add it directly to any water containing fish.  It has been
used here for years to treat minor skin irritations/rashes and as a mild
antiseptic.  As far as the fish are concerned, I have heard good things
about the Melafix product.

FWIW, Melaleuca is a genus of Australian plants, also known as tea-trees or
ti-trees.  If you see tea tree oil it would be the same stuff.  Some
melaleucas are also known as paperbarks.  These are the same trees as those
invading and altering the Everglades.

Melaleucas are primarily found in swamps or heath, definitely not in
rainforests.  I despise the way that the word "rainforest' is used in an
attempt to make something more effective or desirable.  I have even seen
"rainforest scent" air freshener, and as those who have been in a rainforest
will attest, it is amongst the last things you'd want your loungeroom to
smell like.


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> Thanks for this info Scott,
> Anybody know anything about this stuff.  The AquaPharm 
> literature talks about
> "years of research" and "another Rainforest Miracle".
> john
> On 20-Jun-01 Rik Vandiver wrote:
> > you can buy the pharmaceutical grade active ingredient 
> "melaleuca oil" at
> > this web site http://www.melaleuca.com ....click on the 
> product link. I was
> > trying to sell this stuff at one time but gave up.
> > 
> > Scott wrote:

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