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Re: Fish TB?

I emailed Wright about his infection.  His reply is below along with the URL link to the photos of his finger.  These images are from after the worse part and it was on the mend.  I also remember him saying it was quite painful.

BTW, I'm cured, after 6 solid months of Biaxin (twice a day at $6/pill), but
will carry the reddish mark on my traffic-signalling finger for life,

I couldn't work in gloves, effectively, so I now just wash up after having
my hands in tank water, with strong soap. I'm going to get a spray bottle of
rubbing alcohol as a final rinse, too. I slap on some "triple antibiotic"
cream if I get scraped on a cover glass or something. Hopefully I now have
some immunity, too.

*Myco. marinum* is pretty ubiquitous in fresh-water tanks. IDK what set it
off, but I started with it in two Dwarf Gouramis from a local distributor.
They spawned before dying and I saved a couple of babies. Those then took it
to a 20G with my Medakas, and (apparently by net drip) to the 15G right
below with all my *bukobanus*. I also killed a small group of test tetras in
the Medaka tank.

By strictly isolating those 2 tanks, I don't think that virulent strain got
spread to any of my other fish. Possible exception was some Dwarf Red
Gularis. Their eggs might have come in with their own problems, tho.



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