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Apisto List moderation

Hello Everybody,

First, let me apologize for my failings as a list owner - I often take ages to
get around to helping subscribers, work takes my mind off list administration,
bounces never get fixed etc.

However, I think there has been quite a lot of dissatisfaction with the list drifting
off topic and becoming more of a instant messaging chat room rather than a more focussed
group. Therefore I have reluctantly decided to moderate the list for now. This will
mean that your messages are delayed until I approve them, and currently my work
load will not permit fast turnaround.

Please don't anybody take this personally, it is only meant to get back to the list's
original goals.

My criteria for submission are

        1. Must be on the topic of apistos / dwarf cichlids
        2. Must not contain excessive quoting (blindly quoting
           whole previous post automatically disqualifies)
        3. Must be text-only, not HTML
        4. Must not contain attachment (picture, virus etc.)

Initially, I am prepared to edit your posts so they agree with points 2-4 but
please make the effort refine your postings to remove extraneous junk.

Frank O'Carroll

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