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RE: A. sp. rotpunkt?(Was The problem with apistos)

Sounds a little like A sp. hongsloi red stroke.

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Subject: A. sp. rotpunkt?(Was The problem with apistos)

Remember when I sad I definitely had A. sp. rotpunkt?
Well I just noticed a feature that I want to confirm.
The fish in question (Mr. Hyper-aggression) has
enormous pelvic fins (I think that is the term for the
twin fins that point down from the ventral side of the
fish?). I would say they are nearly half his body
length or maybe slightly more. They also have a large
amount of yellow, especially in the first ray (leading
edge of the fin). Does that sound like rotpunkt? He
does have several rows of red spots just behind his
pectoral fins in the lower half of the body.


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