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Aquatek of Austin.

Hello Fellow Apistonuts,

Boy oh boy!!! I wanted to give anyone who is down in Austin, TX the heads up on a wonderful store that caters to the South American enthusiast. The store is called Aquatek and it's the candy store of apisto-south American nuts. I haven't been to a store like this in Dallas or in Oklahoma City, two towns I've lived in for a while. It was literally like going into a candy store and not knowing what type of candy you wanted to get. All I can say is WOW! I was able to get a bunch of apistos that I've been wanting to work with for a while. Let's see, there were some great looking wild borelli, some crenicichla compressiseps that had paired off in the store, a beautiful pair of macmasteri that had just spawned in the store recently, and some pandurinis. All were beautiful fish and were extremely healthy. They adjusted to the tanks and some even started displaying to each other immediately.

Anyways, thanks Tom Wood for mentioning the store on internet. I would have never thought to go to the store, if someone on this list hadn't mentioned it. There were so many types of apistos, rare tetras, pencilfish, rare gouramis, west African cichlids, etc. that I couldn't make up which to get for almost 2 hours. Too much fun. I also got a chance to meet Marc Whittle who was a very nice host and showed told me about the fish and where they were collected from in the Amazon. Very knowledgable person and a very cordial host.

Anyways, thought I'd mention the store if anyone is in Austin. Drop in the store and meet some of the great staff they have in the store.

Bailin Shaw
DFW Aquatic Plant Club

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