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Re: water hardness

Too many myths and wives tales in Apisto keeping folks
sometimes we have to ask why? Yes you can use 100% ro
water and I have used it to breed apistos in. Some
people freak out about it having no minerals but if
you look at the water some of our fish come from whats
the diffrence. The key is to use it for fish then come
from very pure water already. Another example of this
is the use of dither fish. Though a helpful idea it
doesn't solve our problem and it gives us another
problem, we now have predators for the fry. The real
answer lies in providing good cover in the form of
floating plants. well my 2 cents


--- JerrCarol@aol.com wrote:
> Hi All,
>  just curious, How does one get their water down to
> a trace hardness without 
> adding strait RO? I heard adding strait RO was a bad
> thing. My logic says 
> that if there is already 150ppm then adding strait
> RO would bring it down. Is 
> my logic wrong?
>        JerryB

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