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Re: water hardness

Thanks much Dave,
for your advice on strait RO. I've tried bringing it down with minimal minerals but, it would take forever via water changes to get it down real low. As for dither fish. I don't use any but, I've been using Cory Cats in tanks where the fry are about 5 mos old. They do a nice job keeping things clean. I wonder How young you think the fry could be when it would be safe to use Cory's to clean up. I have a couple tank with fry in them now. Only 1 to 2 months old. Its hard not to overfeed, when you can barely see the stuff your feeding them. I get real nervous about cleaning them cause sometimes the fry are just hard to see. I know the water needs to be kept clean. I try to do partial changes and clean twice a week. Well, thanks much again