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Re: water hardness

Jeery try pygmy corys they work great and you can use
them very early on like at a month or less. Good luck


--- JerrCarol@aol.com wrote:
> Thanks much Dave,
>  for your advice on strait RO. I've tried bringing
> it down with minimal 
> minerals but, it would take forever via water
> changes to get it down real 
> low. As for dither fish. I don't use any but, I've
> been using Cory Cats in 
> tanks where the fry are about 5 mos old. They do a
> nice job keeping things 
> clean. I wonder How young you think the fry could be
> when it would be safe to 
> use Cory's to clean up. I have a couple tank with
> fry in them now. Only 1 to 
> 2 months old. Its hard not to overfeed, when you can
> barely see the stuff 
> your feeding them. I get real nervous about cleaning
> them cause sometimes the 
> fry are just hard to see. I know the water needs to
> be kept clean. I try to 
> do partial changes and clean twice a week. Well,
> thanks much again
>       JerryB

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