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Re: water hardness

hehe... Thanks Mike,
okay I got you. Just what I did the other day. I completely restarted a 20L for the macmasteri I started with about 112ppm using R/O right 6.0 controller because the tank they came from was similar in pH just the water was harder. I usually drip my fish in when moving or when I get new ones. I'll take around 2-3 hrs with them in a styro box and use a piece of airline tube and let it drip so they can adjust. My intentions were to give them a few days and start using RO with acid buffer. I did that today with a 10gal change but, I only used about 1/8 tsp. of buffer because to 5 of the gallons because it made the water around 30ppm. The other 5 was pure RO.