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Re: how "little" things can make our day !

Jerry, Thanks for putting us in the "power breeders" catagory. I at least wonder why. I will say this for myself but I am sure the others will agree. When I started Apisto's, all I had were books to go by. I have had conversations with Wayne Leibel, Kurt Zadnik and many others from the ASG and we all had to learn by trial and error. If we can in any way make it easier for the new breeders to get set up a little faster; all the better. I have bred only about 20 different Apistogramma species but I don't tell you about the other 30 or more that I have killed or let die because I didn't have my RO unit. I had one pair of Discus in a 55 that laid eggs every other week for almost a year before I purchased the RO unit and then had a successful spawn.
      All the fish I lost can never be made up by those I am spawning now.
      Those within driving distance of Cleveland, OH, try to make the OCA Ex the weekend of 11/16-18/01.