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Dwarf Problems

Greetings all
I'm new this this list ( and email lists in general) so appologies in advance for any mistakes or anything out of order.
I've recently had problems in the last few months that appear only to be effecting my dwarf cichlids, resulting in the loss of Bolivian rams, Blue rams, Opaline Apistos, Kribs and a few others.
It only appears to effect the fish singularly, with one  half of a pair being struck down at once, allthough the other can sometimes follow a few  days / weeks later. The sysmtoms are the fish become listless, loos colour and generally darken, start to shimmy and  stay on the tank bottom. Thsi is followed by heathy breathy, loss of appetite, and death, in about 24-48 hours.
This has happened in 3 seperate tanks ( I have dwarfs in other tanks who are fine), water conditions
pH 6.8
kH 3
gH 6
Temp 79-81f
Am 0
Ni 0
Na <20ppm, often around 10ppm.
The smallest tank effected water 3ft ( 29 Gal), the rest were in larger tanks, all tanks get 25% weekly water changes, with heated, conditioned tapwater / RO mix ( that has been remineralised). Tanks are sand / fine gravel substrate, with planting, driftwood and a small amount of rock work.
Feeding wise, they get a large range of frozen foods, dried food such as Tetra prima, small treats of cooked chicken / earthworms, and occasional live food ( possible link?). The fish were in general 3/4" grown when affected.
They are the only fish that appear to be struck down by this, other cichlids they are kept with such as discus and angels seem ok, as do the main stock of my fish which is tetras, rainbows, corys and locharides. I have never seen any agression towards the fish, or any signs of fighting / injuries.
Can anyone suggest anything that could cause such problems, and any possible "remedies"? My remaing dwarfs seem ok for now, but I dont want to add any more untill I have this sorted. Coulsd it be an internal parasite / bacteria problem?
Thanks in advance for your time and any suggestions, feel free to ask anything further. Appoligies for the long post, I have some more questions, but I'll leave them for another day.