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Re: how "little" things can make our day !

Oh Jerry

Zman in his prime????  OMG....... now thats a hoot....

But seriously , i've been to ACA conventions and to OCA
Extravaganzas....  I seem to have more fun at the OCA Extravaganzas.
If you havent been to one...  They are worth the trip.  If you are going
to make a one day trip...  Go for the Auction on sunday..   This years
ACA auction was utterly pathetic to put it kindly.    OCA auctions
routinely have 1100+ bags of fish.    Breeders.... Juvies.....
Groups..... fry... 
All i can say is bring several boxes and lots of money....   You come
home from Cleveland with your boxes full and still have some money
left... unless you're foolish like i am.... have money, can always buy
more tanks to put fish into.... lol.

I will be there this year..... Cleveland is only a 9 hour drive for
me.... so its in the "driving" range.
Plus you get the same great quality of cichlid ppl at this show/event
that you do at the ACA.   Only it doesnt cost as much to do the OCA as
it does for the ACA.   That extra savings is more money to buy fish....
Ohio is Cichlid Country!!!

Zman in his prime...... Haaa ..... He's been in his prime since i've
known him..   Like fine wine, Don gets better with age!!!   I wont even
comment on Mike J..... 

Oh and one last thing ..... seeing as i should mention it first, someone
else will if i dont..... they have this great "blue Goop" in Cleveland.


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