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Re: how "little" things can make our day !

I have to agree with Mike here.... once you start spawning some
apistos... you're as much of an expert as anyone else..  Getting apistos
to spawn is difficult enough sometimes..... getting them to raise their
fry is another thing.... getting those fry to grow up , pair off and
reproduce, well you have it down pat at that point.     Saying one
apisto is easier then another is full of it....  I have difficutly with
some of the Simple ones..... example..... Apistogramma Eunotus gives me
head aches...  I've killed almost as many species as i've successfully
spawned.   Species like Meinkeni, juruensis, linkei, Geisleri,
Pertensis, Sp 4 stripes, hippolytae, iniridae, luelingi, breitbinden....
and some others have all been lost causes in my tanks, and some of these
are supposed to be easy......   I cant breed rams to save my life.....
get them to spawn, get them to free swimming stage and then time after
time after time..... gone!!!!  Out of the 24 species i have successfully
reproduced over the years....  some "harder" ones have been easy for
me.... Nijsenni, Panduro, the ones that like low pH have always done
well for me.    

Guess my point here after rambling is this... with each species you work
with you gain valuable information that can be passed on to others....
i learned alot from those species that i ruthlessly killed.....
experience gained is knowledge you can pass on to others.....   So lets
not call ourselves or others "seasoned" breeders..... certainly not
"power Breeders"... just some cichlid nuts with some experience.

Big " where its gonna snow on sunday" John

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