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Re: drip method Vs Squirt & Dump method

Willie, basically that's exactly what I do now. I do treat the Q Tank with
Amquel and Novaqua. I agree that the faster we get them to the best
possible conditions, the better.


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On 10/7/01 at 12:54 PM HSIAOTSU@aol.com wrote:
<SNIP>An even better approach is to empty the fish into a net and drop the
>straight into the quarantine tank.  As long as you have good conditions in

>the tank, e.g. warm temp, clean water, etc., its always good to bring fish

>into ideal conditions asap.  How would you rather be treated, if you've
>stored at sub-zero temperatures in a foul environment, and are within five

>minutes from death?  Do you want to be gradually thawed or brought back to

>72F asap?

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