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Re: conductivity= water quality explained

Hello, thank you for responding.  These are the parameters that I could get 
on my softest tank.  This is the one with the rams.  This tank has nine parts 
distilled water to one part tap.  ph= 7.6  kh= 30 PPM  gh= 60 PPM

These are the parameters of my tap water right out of the tap.  Ph= 7.6 kh 60 
PPM gh=140 PPM.  

All of my tanks have a pH of 7.6 no matter what the mix is.  I can't change 
it.  Strangely enough, I have a pair of rams in straight tap and they lay 
eggs also but I never see fry or wigglers.  It could be water or the rubber 
head pleco : ).   I hope you can advise me.  Surely I am not doomed to keep 
only the easy fish.  Do you think an airhead can figure out to hook up and 
operate and RO unit?  Christmas isn't far off you know.  Thanks in advance 

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