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Levamisole treatment

Firstly, cheers for everyones help so far, I've found this forum very informative.
Thanks for all the suggestions on the problems I've had with my dwarfs - however I think it may have become slightly clearer. 2 Angels in one of my tanks ( where I lost kribs from) have come down with intestinal worms. I'm very puzzeled as the water in top condition, there are no new fish in the tank etc. The only thing I can link it to is live food........
I think its quite possible thay my dwarfs could have had these worms? The angels are about 9 months old ( I assume they have been healthy as they have spawned 4 or 5 times), the worms have only become apparent in the last 24 hours, and  have the fish have lost appetite. With appisto's beinhg sensitive to these problems, could they have caused all my deaths?
I digress  for which I appologise, basically, is Levamisole effective againts all internal worms, as it has been highly reccomended in this  list? The worms appear to be nemetodes ( long, round, 1mm dia, white colour?)
I think I have perhaps found the cause of my problems, feeding live bloodworm. Its the only thing that can explain the problems I've been having really.
Thanks for the help again people