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Badis sp. "Scarlet"!

Dear list,
I hope that this would not be 'off-topic' since I have been told that Badis sp. used to be called "dwarf cichild" or else. I have followed this list continuosly and also have a chance to look through its archives; Badis sp. has been a discussion here before.

Well, let's begin. I have just observed a very interesting behaviour of its spawing. Badis sp. is said to be a cave spawner like our dwarf cichlids, however, last night I saw them rather an "egg-scatter". The male embraced the female, just like what the bettas do. Each embrace fell 3-4 less-than-1mm. eggs; some fell into the gravel and some attached to the plants.

I keep them in a very small glass tank on my desk; less than a foot long. It is planted with live plants and I do 75% water change with my local tap water every day, in order to keep the algae away.

Anyone has seen anything like this before?

Bangkok, Thailand.
38/4 Sukhumvit 15 Bangkok  10110 Thailand
Tel. (66)1 625 7007

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