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Re: panduros and archives

Hey Joe,

When I was keeping wild panduro, they would generally spawn for me in the
following conditions:

pH ~5.0 sometimes fell lower
Pure RO with minimal buffering KH/GH
Used Kent Marine pH Control Minus to lower the pH to 5.0
Temp. 79-80F
Fed variety of live and frozen foods.

One thing to watch for that I've found is to keep those DOC's and TDS's as
low as possible. If water changes were allowed to slip and those got too
high, brood care suffered. A lot of times I would do a big water change
(50-60%) with RO water adjusted to the proper pH, and they would spawn the
next day. Sounds to me like they may already be getting ready to spawn. May
just be a matter of having patience, waiting for a storm or something like

The female guards the clutch, though the males have always been good around
the fry when they are free swimming, in my experience.

Good luck!


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