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Growth Rates,

Hey guy's,

just wanted top comment on some of my growth rates for my Apisto's, mainly my A.hippolytae, who have really blown me away with there growth rate, they are now, just under 1" and are only 6 weeks old. I only managed 13 fry out of about 20 that she had ( having problems with fertile spawns, this was the only one with fry.) They were moved to a new tank as soon as i saw them to increase survival rate, I only managed to get the 13 in the first place so had a zero losses. I did'nt do any thing different still fed powder food, until they could take black worms at about 1.5cm. They were however in a 30" tank by them selves with a buch of Java fern. I have also recently raised Bitaeniata which had similar growth rates, maybe a bit smaller, but they were in a well planted tank and i did'nt even feed them, only mum got her black worms. I had originally though all the fry were eaten but have recently seen about 6 fry that made it with the largest over 2 cm, again they are only about 6 weeks old. I have also raised Gibbiceps, but they took about 3 months to reach simil;ar sizes, then pretty much stopped growing, i did however have many more fry in the smae sized tank and suspect this as a reason to less growth. They were also fed the exact same food. Also do you guy's think maturity is related more to age than to size? As my hippolytae are nearly 1" but only 6 week's do you guy's think it's possible they could start spawning soon??


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