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Re: blue ram sudden fry death

[Max Gallade]
I can only think of three possibilities ,starvation,predation or ph swing.
I noticed that my Ram fry don't pick that much on Java moss or Algae for

[John McCrone]
I was going to mention that the fry seemed to be looking for food in the
water column rather than picking like my apisto fry have done in the past. I
assume that with starvation I would have seen a more gradual die-off as at
least some should have found drifting food.

Thanks for the offer of microworms - but I live in UK and they might not
travel. I did set up an infusoria culture, but it hadn't got going. My plan
was to mash up some daphnia and mosquito larva and see if they would eat
that - but then they all disappeared.

[Max Gallade]
Do you use CO2 injection during the day and night in your tank?
Any other fish in the tank?

[John McCrone]
No CO2. No other fish. If it is pH swing, then why are they fine for a few
days then wham?

Another odd thing was that I couldn't spot any dead bodies - even in the
breeding trap I could only find one. Perhaps snails made fast work of them.
It's all very strange.

from John McCrone

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