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RE: Artemia Brand

 With all the discussion about getting good hatch rates, I have a problem even after getting over that hurdle...what to do with all the hatchlings for the day or two over which they can be fed to fry?  I tend to have high die off rates even after good hatchings.  I almost always transfer them to fresh brine water and have tried placing them in the fridge (lower metabolism rate to keep up nutritional value) and floating them in a tank with food and air.  Neither really seems to keep good numbers alive and swimming for 48+ hrs. 
J Sullivan.

Jason Sullivan

Wayne, NJ

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>>>Wouldn't the freezer bring some humidity and ruine eventually the hatching rate?
Moisture can get into the can whenever you open the lid.  In the freezer, the moisture will freeze (i.e., frost) but will have no serious effect upon the cysts.  Except when you remove the can from the freezer and "defrost" it.  Many hobbyists will leave the can in the freezer and occasionally scoop out enough cysts to last a week or two rather than opening the can every day and introducing new moisture.
Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL