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Re: Problems

This sounds exactly like the disease that emptied all my dwarf cichlid tanks (10 with about 30 adult apistos of 6 species and some 200 fry) a year ago.

The infection spread rapidly in 10 tanks beginning in a tank with 3 week freeswimming Cruzi fry. During the following 2 weeks it killed all cichlids in my fishroom. After consulting with a veterenarian i treated with antibiotics (erythromysin) which stopped the infection to the extent that the fish did not die quickly but enough damage to the gills had been done and they stopped eating and died during the next couple of weeks.

Disecting the dead fish showed inflamed or otherwise badly affected gills but no other obvious damage.

The only survivors were, surpricingly, 3 fry from the Cruzi batch. I found them about 2 months later when I was to clean out the last of my tannks. Apparently they had survived in one inch deep very nasty water without any filtration, light or anything since I was sure they were all dead.

I have only recently started to put water and fish back in my fishroom - it kind of took the inspiration away for ahwile...

/Fredrik Nilsson

From: "Chris Jewell" <chris@jewell68.freeserve.co.uk>

I also tried isolating and treatment with sterazin (ina  high oxygen
environment), again with no luck. All the fish infected appeared to exhibit
inflamed or discoloured gills, but with no visible parasites. I traced the
source of my problems back to one bad batch of fish

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