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proud pappa

Hey all

Last night while doing my late night feeding and checking tanks for
spawns or casualties... i came across a neat suprise.... My Nancara
Taenia were toting around abunch of fry.   I realized this was a
community tank, so instead of destroying the tank and pulling everyone
out, i was able to siphon off about 30 or more fry.   I know this is no
big deal... but i've always been a big fan of the Nanacara group.   I
have now managed or been fortunate enough to spawn taenia, anomola and
aureocephalus.   If i could only get my hands on the other species,
would i be happy then.   Well just wanted to share my joy with my dwarf
cichlid friends..... Thanks for listening to me ramble!!  

Back to being quiet..... waiting for it to snow!!!


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