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dwarf cichlid tank?

Hello all...I am quite new to these apistos. I enjoy reading all the mail from the list that comes my way (well some of it anyway, lol). I have a question for all of you who know a heck of a lot more than me. I live outside Vancouver BC Canada and the fish are quite scarce and expensive up here. I am setting up a 33 gallon long tank and am wondering if it would be okay to put 3 different pairs of apistos in it. Right now I have all males of a. trifaciata, a. borelli, and a. cacatouides. I have no females at this time. I paid 8.88 for the borelli, 12.88 for the trifaciata, and 14.88 for the cacatouides. I know thats probably a lot but I had a hard enough time finding them. Would they be okay in the 33. I have them in a 20 gallon community right now with a pair of rams, a couple of albino cory, a kuhli loach, and a phantom tetra. I want to get a female for each and have them in the 33 together. Maybe through in some danios as the do great for starting a new tank. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Rich

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