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Planaria Problems

Hi Everyone,
> > I need some help.  Yesterday, I brought home some blackworms from my
> > LFS and fed them to the fish.  An hour or so later, I was horrified to
> > see little flat worms with arrow shaped heads (planaria) happily sliding
down the
> > aquarium glass on 4 of my 5 tanks.  I went to the LFS and complained,
> > and they got rid of their blackworms while I watched, and then offered
> > me some brine shrimp to make up for it.  However, they had no idea how
> > to get rid of the damned planaria from my heavily planted tanks.
> > Is there any way to get rid of these damned things without having to
> > tear down the tanks and bleach them?
> > Thank you for any advice.
> > Patricia
> > PS The worms won't hurt my Apistos, will they?

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