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Re: Planaria Problems

Hi all,
Remember the original post:The pests came in with blackworms.What makes everybody so shure that it really is planaria we're talking about.I've seen leeches in portions of Blackworms many times.The poster mentioned that the worms in question had flat heads.That points me to leeches.I've also seen some strange red worms develope in tanks month after feeding Blackworms.Aren't planaria some harmless tiny white worms that occur due to a heavy bioload in a tank and dissapear after a few good waterchanges?I wouldn't medicate a tank that has a planaria infestation,just kick up your maintenance efforts a notch,Bam-gone.I love Emeril ;).
Just wonder

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Subject: Re: Planaria Problems
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 14:39:42 EST

One of my friends used them at full dose and lost a bunch of full size cory
cats, it is tough stuff, but works well.

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